I recently purchased Colourpop’s best-selling Ultra Matte Lips liquid lipsticks. The shades were Viper, Bumble, Mamacita and Souffle. These shades range from nude to bold shades. Viper is a nude purplish shade, more to mauve and Bumble is a brownish nude. This description of the shades are based on how they look on my skin tone. These shades may appear different on individual skin tones. You can always take a look at the swatches by Colourpop on their website. These shades are definitely the choice for you if you like simplicity and no makeup look.  Souffle is a deep berry that comes under the shade of purple. Finally, Mamacita is a super bold, dark and a deep burgundy.


These shades are the bomb. What I like the most about these bestsellers is that they are suitable for all skin tones. If you are type of person that can go with any shades from simple to bold, these four shades are definitely must have.  I am absolutely in love with each and everyone of them. The formula is lightweight, not flaky and dries up in a matter of seconds to pretty matte finish. It only takes one stroke to cover the whole lips evenly. Thus, each vial lasts longer for liquid lipstick. Yay! Most important of all it is kiss-proof and rarely smudge. These shades are the must grabs for your everyday look! The price of Ultra Matte Lips is just USD6.50 each.


Swatches of Ultra Matte Lip Bumble, Viper, Souffle and Mamacita


I have been using these shades on daily basis. One shade each day. Below are my reviews:

Packaging: Sleek and pretty.

Longevity: It lasts the whole day from morning till evening.

Kiss-proof: Its matte finish is kiss-proof. But after having my lunch, bits of the lipstick were gone. So, I had to touch up after every meal.  But, it lasts the whole day!

Dryness: For me it wasn’t dry and flaky. With just one stroke the matte finish is just nice to maintain the moistness of my lips. But if you feel the formula is too dry, you can always prime your lips with lip primer sold by Colourpop or any other brands. In addition, it was not flaky at all with one stroke.

Touch-up: I had no problem with touching up the after my meals. It only requires slight touch ups. But reapplication on top of its own layer slightly changes the shade to a little lighter shade this, it looks uneven on the lips.

Removal: Easy to remove with a good makeup remover.

Above are lip swatches.

How to Purchase:

You can purchase Colourpop Cosmetics directly from their website at  . Shipping is free is you purchase above USD50 (about RM200). If you purchase below USD50, there is a flat international shipping rate of USD9.99 (about RM40). If you wish to purchase below USD50 without having to pay expensive shipping rate, you can always preorder your Colourpops from Instagram preorder shops with reasonable handling fees. I usually purchase my Colourpops from




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