LA Girl’s PRO.matte Foundation is finally here in Malaysia! – Caramel and Golden Bronze REVIEW

When LA Girl’s PRO.matte Foundation was launched in USA, I was super-duper excited and couldn’t wait to try it. I was hoping that they would launch it soon in the LA Girl Malaysia’s website too. Well, LA Girl already has a range of foundation which is the Pro.HD Illuminating Foundation which is a full coverage foundation with dewy finish. However, when I tried it, it turned out to be my least favourite foundation as it was just too dewy and oily for my skin although my skin is not that oily. It was basically a bottle of grease to me and I just didn’t like. Plus, it oxidises into much more darker shade after some time. So, you gotta be careful when choosing the shade. That’s why,  I was hoping they would launch a matte range foundation and yup they did! And guess what LA Girl Malaysia launched it yesterday in their showroom and I know I have to get it!


As I mentioned in my previous post for my review on the Pro Face Matte Pressed Powder, what I like about L.A Girl Cosmetics is that they are affordable and has caramel shades which are obviously lacking in most of the affordable drugstore brands in Malaysia.

I was confused on which shade would suit my skin tone the best. So, I tried watching some Youtube videos as well as compared swatches from multiple beauty blogs and websites before going to the launch and getting them before they run out of stock (ugh, struggles of shopping makeups online) and guess what, I couldn’t decide between two shades and decided to get them both!

Omg, I went out of the topic because I was just too excited! Well, let me tell y’all about the launch first. Well, the launching was great! And they actually gave out goodie bags for first 50 customers and the food was great! The moment I went into the showroom, I already had 2 bottles of Pro.matte foundation on my hands. After a few moments of thinking hard, I got both the shades which are Caramel and Golden Bronze! It was RM60 each! YAAS!!!


Swatches of all the shades of PRO.matte Foundation


Now for the foundations and what I think about them. Well, both the shades are honestly great and both suit my skin pretty well. Both shades are warm toned, however, golden bronze is definitely warmer than caramel. You can apply it with both brush or blending sponge but I like using the brush as I can get more product on my skin and gives me more coverage!


Swatches of the shades Caramel and Golden Bronze


Both shades caramel and golden bronze blended together. Lovin’ it!

However, I wish they had more shades to compliment more skin tones for both fair and caramel skin tones.

Packaging: The packaging is sleek. The container is made of glass. So, you gotta be careful not to drop it when you are using it. The cover is made of plastic. Overall, the packaging is nice!

Longevity: The foundation lasted well on my face like for the whole day. My face was flawless after the whole day. It didn’t oxidise too much. The shade remained the same most of the day.

Coverage: In the bottle, it says medium to full coverage. It managed to cover my uneven skin tone, dark spots and pores.  I need 2-3 application for full coverage. I wasn’t really happy about it because after a couple of hours, there are creases at the corners of my mouth which was not cool. But, overall it’s a good foundation. Works well with my concealer, blush and my pressed powder.

Finish: Matte and the consistency is thick. Make sure you shake the bottle for a better coverage.

Skin Type: Suitable for all skin type (dry, oily and mix of both). But, if you have an extremely dry skin, use a good primer and make sure to use a good face mist to keep your skin hydrated.

Touch-up: The touching up was smooth and didn’t get uneven which is great. Make sure not too touch up too many layers as it easily creases.

Removal: Easy to remove with a good makeup remover.

Fragrances: Not scented.


How to purchase:

Pro.Matte Foundation is currently not available online. Thus, you have to purchase it directly from their showroom. Their stock is extremely limited so it’s only available for walk in customers for now. Its RM60 each. The showroom opens every day from 10am to 9.30pm except Sundays. Address as below. If you can’t get to their showroom, you can preorder your foundation with 20% off the price which is RM48 excluding postage and ETA is about 3-4 weeks.

LA Girl Cosmetics Malaysia

 16-1, Jalan Damai Raya 3, Alam Damai,

56000 Cheras 9 Miles,

Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur

Feel free to Whatsapp them for any enquiries at +6010 2999 610. They reply super fast!



14 thoughts on “LA Girl’s PRO.matte Foundation is finally here in Malaysia! – Caramel and Golden Bronze REVIEW

  1. Parizan Mohd Zain says:

    Wow…i’m sure they have a few colours suits asean colour isn’t it? the presence of this brand will enliven the beauty industry so consumers are able to make choices according to their budget. it is very interesting and I will get it soon


  2. Ezna says:

    I tak suka pakai foundation cos it is sticky. Rasa tak selesa pada kulit wajah. Nampak banyak juga pilihan warna. Asean tone more to chocolatey kind of color.


  3. Khairul Zamri says:

    Foundation ni banyak pilihan sebenarnya dan ia bergantung kepada kesesuaian individu pemakai itu sendiri. Try and error mesti menjadi kebiasaan untuk capai tone yang kena dengan kulit


  4. Zharif Azis says:

    Choosing the right shade is probably the hardest thing to do. I face the same problem when searching for the right color for my skin to cover some scars on my hand. Probably i should check em out. The color looks matte to the skin.


  5. Emily says:

    So many shades of PRO.matte Foundation to play with! I’m a noobie and till now do not know what colours suit my skin the most. I always end up looking like a clown. HAHAHAHA by the way, the price looks really reasonable!


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