Colourpop’s Eye Brushes: REVIEW

Hi, beauties! I’m back! First of all, I would like to apologise for not posting up last week. As you guys know, I usually post up in my blog on weekends. Unfortunately, I have been super busy. It’s the end of the semester and there were like a bunch of stuffs to do and plus things have been quite messy with the 14th general election and my finals coming up in 2 weeks. Okay, can I just roll under my blanket and start crying?

Okay, back to our topic. I have like a bunch of Colourpop stuffs to review but gosh, I wish I had all the time in the world but guys, I am gonna make it. LOL

So, this time, I’m gonna be reviewing about Colourpop’s eye brushes that I purchased like 2 weeks ago. I purchased three brushes which are

  • Medium Dome Brush
  • Flat Eye Defining Brush
  • Large Shader Brush





Okay, now let me tell y’all the brush description in Colourpop’s website

  • Medium Dome Brush. Perfect for applying shadow over the entire lid, priming the eyes, and even carving out the brow bone.
  • Flat Eye Defining Brush. This unique brush is flat and perfect, perfect for defining and lining. Plays well with Crème Gel Colours and Super Shock formulas.
  • Large Shader Brush. All about that base! This shader brush is perfect for applying a base shade across the entire lid, use with either concealer, powder shadows, cream or liquid shadows!

My reviews are as below:

So, the description above from the website clearly states the function of the brushes, guys. Now, let me tell you what I think about the brushes.  The brushes are great. The bristles are so soft and smooth on my skin. But, I don’t know what the bristles are made up of. Its probably synthetic as Colourpop pride themselves as cruelty free brand but I don’t know for sure what it’s made of. My eyeshadows stick well on the brushes and the application is super smooth and efficient and there were less or no wastage of shadow. The brushes were also perfect for blending my eyeshadows smoothly.  The handle is thick enough to provide you a comfortable grip for better flexibility during application.  The bristles don’t fall off! Thus, the quality is so good! I would rate these brushes 8/10. These eyebrushes are definitely must haves for your eye makeup. The prices are also super reasonable which is USD6 each which is about RM25 (depend on the exchange rate on that time). On my previous post about Colourpop’s Bestselling Ultra Matte Lips, I mentioned on how to purchase your Colourpops without paying high international shipping rate. So, check it out !


Each brush is coded 


Close-up of the brushes.


Bristles are so soft, smooth of skin and easy to blend

32580447_1762599767112631_7295582077783638016_n (1)

Eye shadow stick well to the bristles.


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