D.UP Super Fit Gel Liner & D.UP Curl Keeper Mascara – REVIEW

Hello, beauties! This time, I’m gonna be reviewing 2 products from D.UP which are Super Fit Gel Liner and Curl Keeper Mascara. I’m sure you guys know this brand well enough but for those who are just discovering this brand, here is a short info. D.UP was established in 1992. D-UP CORPORATION is a cosmetic company based in Tokyo specialized in false lashes, eye makeup products and nail colour and care products. D.UP is an exclusive brand now available in Malaysia’s Guardian Health and Beauty stores. Besides the stores, the product is also available at online.guardian.com.my. So, here is the thing, you get to enjoy Japan-quality makeup from D.UP in all Guardian stores!

I have 2 products to review in this post as I mentioned above.

D.UP Super Fit Gel Liner and Curl Keeper Mascara available in Guardian Stores

D.UP Super Fit Gel Liner and Curl Keeper Mascara Review



D.UP has variety of mascaras that tackles your various lash needs such as fluffy lashes, volume and extension. Curl Keeper is a new mascara that was launched just a couple of months ago. This mascara mainly specialized in curling the lashes. In addition to that, it also helps in volume and extension.  It has a wand with C-shaped brush that helps in curling the lashes. The mascara is available in black. Its completely waterproof and is removable by makeup remover of course. This mascara not only give your lashes the desired curl but it nourishes your lashes! It contains 10 kinds of beauty serum.

D.UP Curl Keeper Mascara Wand

C-shaped wand of D.UP Curl Keeper Mascara

Packaging: The container is made of plastic and is black in colour. The wand is attached to the cover. Easy to open and close. Does not easily spill. The wand has mini, super fine bristles. The wand is C-shaped.

Product and Impressions: In my personal opinion, I liked the consistency of the product. It was just nice. Its not too thick and not too liquidy. The mascara was evenly distributed on the wand which was a relieve. I did not waste time trying to scrap of extra product. The consistency was so good, easy to apply and super light that it does not make my lashes stick together. My lashes were definitely more curvy. I even used it on my brows as it didn’t make my brows look clumped and flaky.

Longevity. I did a wear test. I wore it for 12 hours. Okay, it says on the package that it lasts for 24 hours but come on guys, I couldn’t do wear test for 24 hours. I can’t sleep with my mascara on. UGHHH. Okay, so I was happy with my 12 hour wear test. It lasted well for 12 hours and didn’t become flaky or dry or clumpy. Most importantly, despite having super sensitive eyes, it did not cause any irritation to my eyes!

Removal. This product is extremely water proof. So, don’t try to remove it with warm water. It doesn’t work. Use a makeup remover instead. Super easy. Gurlll, your lashes gonna look bomb in that pool party you plannin’



D.UP also came up with new eyeliner in their already existing eyeliner range which is the Super Fit Gel Liner. Their previous eyeliners where all liquid eyeliners and this time they came up with automatic pencil liner.  It’s made of super fine 2.0 mm tip and it is s automatic which means it is the twistable type that doesn’t need to sharpened.  It’s smudge proof with strong resistance to water, sweat and sebum as well as quick drying. It is said to have super smooth application which is ideal for creating both thick and thin liners. Finally, it contains beauty serum and claims to be EXTREMELY WATERPROOF.

D.UP Super Fit Gel Liner tip

Tip of D.UP Super Fit Gel Liner

Packaging: Same as the mascara. It is the twistable automatic liner.

Product and Impression: Okay, my first impression was wow, the application is super smooth and easy to shape because it is of solid gel consistency. And yes, it is indeed super waterproof. I tested it both of my hand and my eyes and try to smudge it as much as I could and yup WATERPROOF APPROVED.  Since it has a gel consistency, it was easy to apply ontop of layers of eyeshadow. However, it wasn’t really that easy create thin line using this liner. So, I was kinda having a hard time trying to draw thinner wings. So, liquid eyeliner is definitely preferable to draw thinner line.

Longevity: It lasted for 12 hours (I did 12 hours wear test). However, after 5 hours, it faded a little. So, reapplication is necessary.

Removal: Yes, it is waterproof. Makeup remover is necessary.

D.UP Super Fit Gel Liner and Curl Keeper Mascara in Guardian Malaysia Price ListD.Up Curl Keeper Mascara and Super Fit Gel Liner Review


So, guys. My final verdict. I will definitely buy these products again. So, if you guys are planning to get them, you can find D.UP products at any Guardian stores. The price of Curl Keeper Mascara is RM79.90 and Super Fir Gel Liner is RM69.90.  There are three other types of mascara available which are Perfect Extension Mascara, Volume Extension Mascara and Ultra Fiber Mascara.  Same goes to the eyeliners, three other types are available which are Silky Liquid Liner  in black, brown black and natural brown. Have you tried them? Let me know in comment below of what you think.


22 thoughts on “D.UP Super Fit Gel Liner & D.UP Curl Keeper Mascara – REVIEW

  1. Ezna says:

    Never heard of this product before. Maybe this is a new product?. I seldom use mascara but for the eye I prefer eye pencil. Maybe I should try gel liner instead.


  2. mahamahu says:

    I’m sorry for this guy I do not know very much for the makupe of the woman too much see this mascara too many kinds and also the use of do not know which one suitable this look ok ..


  3. Hanny Abdullah says:

    Barang makeup yang mesti ada dalam simpanan sis dan sis mesti pakai kalau kemana-mana adalah maskara dan eyeliner. Kalau tak ada ni memang tak lengkap. Sis sekarang memang cari maskara yang sesuai dengan sis. Nanti bolehlah cuba yang ni pulak


  4. penaberkala says:

    Seems like it’s a good product. Good for ladies out there to try it out. Nice sharing and keep it up.

    Thank you for dropping by and comment on my blog. Nice to know you


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