Breena Beauty’s Wanderlust Collection: 6 New Shades of Velvetcreme Matte Liquid Lipstick- REVIEW

Hello, beauties! I’m back! Hope you guys are having a great week! Today, I’m gonna be reviewing products from non-other than Breena Beauty! Yay! I’m sure most of your guys know this favourite local makeup brand! Okay, to those of you who don’t know, Breena Beauty is a local makeup brand founded by a well-known beauty and lifestyle blogger Sabrina Tajudin. Ever since the launch of the brand, Breena Beauty’s followers have been increasing tremendously in social media platform. Breena Beauty is famous for their Velvetcreme Matte Liquid Lipsticks, their makeup sponge known as the Blending Pearl and their makeup brushes.  Recently, they came up with their first ever palette which is the Wanderlust palette. Next, they are launching their very own eyeliner soon! You can get Breena Beauty products directly from their website or the resellers from Instagram.

I managed to get my hands on their Velvetcreme Matte Liquid Lipsticks for the first time. The Velvetcreme Matte Liquid Lipstick is RM39.00 each and 7ml of product in each container. You can get 3 for RM100 which is a pretty great deal! Initially, there were 12 shades in this range and recently, Breena Beauty added another 6 new shades with improved formula and packaging as the part of their Wanderlust collection which also includes their first ever highly anticipated Wanderlust Eye Shadow palette.

Breena Beauty Velvetcreme spice latte Good vibes bunny fawn. milk shake swatches review 3

Breena Beauty’s Wanderlust Collection: Velvet creme Matte Lipsticks

Breena Beauty Velvetcreme spice latte Good vibes bunny fawn. milk shake swatches review 2

6 shades of Velvetcremes in the new Wanderlust Collection


Product info as written in the package:

Velvetcreme by Breena Beauty is developed with comfort flex formula that is non-drying and totally comfortable, and last up to twelve hours.

Not tested on animals

Paraben free

The package also included a beauty tips at the side of its box as below:

BEAUTY TIPS: Get bold matte and non-sticky velvety soft lips with Velvetcreme. On clean lips, apply one coat and wait for a few seconds for it to dry to a matte finish. For smooth application it’s best to exfoliate your lips first and put on a layer of transparent lip balm 5 minutes before applying Velvetcreme. Use a proper lip makeup remover to remove.

Swatches of Breena Beauty's Velvetcreme matte Lipstick wanderlust collection

Swatches of Breena Beauty’s Velvetcremes in the Wanderlust Collection: Spice Latte, Fawn, Rose Clay, Good Vibes, Milk Shake and Bunny

Shades: Six new shades in the Wanderlust Collection. Well, these shades are nide themed. If you are a fan of minimalistic makeup and nude lipstick, then, you can purchase this whole collection, I bet you will love it. I find the shade Bunny and Milk Shake not suitable for caramel skinned person like me. It makes my complexion look even more darker and weird. But you can try it with a darker shade or similar shade of lip liner, it may mark.

  • Bunny- light nude
  • Milk Shake- Soft Mauve
  • Good Vibes- Mid-tone Pink
  • Rose-Clay- Rosy Terracotta
  • Fawn- Greige-Rose
  • Spice-Latte- Terracotta Brown

Packaging: On the box of the Velvetcreme, there was information as above. The shade of the Velvetcreme is written clearly on the box and colour of the shade is also printed on the box. So, it’s easier for you to distinguish the shades without having to open the box and check the shades before applying. Saves time tho. The container is made of glass and is printed with lace-themed pattern. The container cover is pinkish gold (improved, previous container was white) and the applicator wand is attached to the container.

Product and Impression: I was just awfully impressed with this Velvetcreme. The application was so smooth and even. The consistency was just right making the application effortless and easy to shape the corners of my lips.  In fact, I liked the consistency even more than my favourite Colourpop’s Ultra Matte Lip. It also dries down to a lightweight and even matte finish.  I can say this Velvetcreme restored my faith in local makeup brand.

Finish: Light weight and matte finish.

Longevity: Lasted 12 hours as mentioned in the package during my 12 hours wear test. The colour didn’t fade. Thus, reapplication was not necessary unless you are having a meal or taking  drinks.

Dryness: It was not drying at all. It was not flaky. It didn’t irritate or crack my lips at the end of the day. But, if you have dry lips, its better to apply lip balm or lip primer before applying any lipstick.

Touch-ups: Touch-ups are smooth. The colour did not change and get flaky when you apply one layer on top of another. It requires a slight reapplication after I had my meal ( I was having a light meal) which wasn’t a problem for me. It might go off a little more if you are having heavier or oily meal.

Transfer-proof: Absolutely kiss-proof and transfer-proof.

Fragrance: It has a sweet smell.

Breena Beauty Velvetcreme spice latte Good vibes bunny fawn

So, my final verdict is YESS! I will go back for these again! The price doesn’t break the bank, the quality is great, user-friendly and the shades are bomb!

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Breena Beauty Velvetcreme spice latte Good vibes bunny fawn. milk shake swatches review 5



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