Sekkisei Sun Protect Essence Milk with SPF50+ PA++++ by Kose – Review


Hello, ladies! Here is another review on one of the skincare products I got from my Japan haul. This time I will be reviewing the Kose’s Sekkisei Sun Protect Essence Milk I purchased in Japan along with my White Washing Foam I reviewed earlier from Kose as well. Previously I was using sunscreen from The Body Shop and Biore. Anyway, I decided to give Kose’s Sun Protect Essence Milk a try to see how it goes for my skin. I’m super obsessed with sunscreens because they always to make me feel protected. Sunscreen is an important component of skincare routine that you should never leave out. Our skin needs to be protected from the harmful UVA and UVB rays that causes premature aging and skin cancer. So, never forget your sunscreen before you out and always remember to reapply every 2 hours!

Sekkisei Sun Protect Essence Milk with SPF50+ PA++++ by Kose - Review , where to get kose products in malaysia

Packaging: Sekkisei Sun Protect Essence Milk with SPF50+ PA++++ by Kose

As I have told you guys earlier, Kose’s products are also available in Malaysia in Aeon Malls and Isetan. I can’t exactly remember the price as I have clumsily lost the receipt but guys, I remember it being reasonable. I’m not sure if this product is available in Malaysia. I tried checking the Kose Malaysia website and I didn’t find this exact sunscreen instead found a similar sunscreen called Sekkisei White UV Milk. You can always check if its available by visiting their store. I, then found this exact product In Kose Singapore’s website instead. Product description from the website is as below

New water-proof sunscreen with powder-soft finish great for sports and outdoor activities use.

Waterproof sunscreen thoroughly protects skin against UV damage and reduces photo-aging signs like fine lines and blemishes. Smooth powder and mineral ingredients give a soft and silky finish for supreme comfort.

Product features as taken from the website:

  • SPF50+/PA++++ thoroughly blocks UV-A which causes photo-aging, and UV-B which causes sunburn.

  • Water-proof. With emulsion formula and smooth powder for soft and silky finish. Blends smoothly into skin without white residue.

  • With Oriental plant extracts and mineral ingredients to hydrate and protect skin.

  • Suitable as makeup base. Enhances application and lasting effect of foundation.

  • For the face and body. Easily removed with regular facial wash or body soap. *Use a cleanser if this does not remove the product completely.

Sekkisei Sun Protect Essence Milk with SPF50+ PA++++ by Kose - Review , where to get kose products in malaysia 2

Packaging: Most Kose product packagings are blue or white. This sunscreen is contained inside a blue plastic bottle with white cover. When you open the white cover there is a tube plastic cover with a tiny opening and there is a pea (a metal, glass or plastic ball inside a can or container, which is used to mix when shaken) inside bottle to help in mixing the 2 layers into milky emulsion. So, don’t forget to shake before you use!

Product and Impressions:  I have been putting on this sunscreen everyday for past 1 weeks. If you are planning to go out without makeup then its best to apply this sunscreen at the end of your daytime skin care routine, and if you are planning on putting on makeup then its best to apply your sunscreen before your makeup which is before applying primer.  The consistency of this product is pretty liquidy and oily. It was milky and white of course.  As it’s pretty liquidy, you just need a little bit of the product and you can evenly apply it all over your face and neck.  Make sure to properly shake the bottle before you apply because it has two layers, milky layer and clear layer, thus you wanna mix both these layers nicely.  As mentioned in the Kose Singapore website, you can totally use it as your makeup primer because I have tried it and it gets absorbed fast and moisturizes my skin, making my makeup application smooth. My makeup also lasted well when I used this as my primer which is awesome. It’s also suitable for both dry and oily skin as the absorption rate is fast as I mentioned earlier and doesn’t leave your skin oily and slippery.  I usually put on this sunscreen and wait for a while until the product has fully absorbed into my skin, then I start putting on my makeup. If you don’t wait till it fully absorbs into your skin, then your makeup is gonna get super patchy. Plus, my skin didn’t feel sticky and it was so comfortable.  It’s definitely lightweight! Alas, I feel my skin was well protected as I didn’t notice any new pigmentations and dark spots after using this sunscreen for past 1 weeks.

Verdict: Yes! I totally love it and I will buy it again!

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16 thoughts on “Sekkisei Sun Protect Essence Milk with SPF50+ PA++++ by Kose – Review


    KOSE is a popular brand.. but i never tried before coz i dont know where to get it.. and i also dont know this product is suitable for my skin or not.. but i heard a positive review abou tthis product.. will checkit out later.. thanks for this review!


  2. adianiez says:

    a friend of mine guna kose.
    sekian lama, tu la rahsia flawless dia, bhanu.
    but i never tried. knew about it since the day i survey skII, kose, and byk lagi skincare dgn aeon.
    i am just tried a brand. skincare.
    so far so good. since i am going to be 40 this coming october, need to find the best skincare 🙂


  3. Nina Mirza says:

    Good sharing! Belum pernah guna Kose or maybe belum ada peluang tuk cuba tapi sedia maklum jenama yang femes, bagus dan a bit mahal. Hehe…
    Tapi kalau sesuai dan berkesan, mahal sikit sanggup beli..!!


  4. Wawa Ashihara says:

    And also at pacific store.. I kalau masuk pacific nampak juga brand kose ni.. Tp tak pernah cuba lg sbb tulisan dia takde yg tak tau ingredient dia apa.. Huhu.. But seems like that sunscreen very good..


  5. Ruby.My says:

    Ok tak produk ni, akak pernah pakai, dia macam cair sangat. akak tak pasti sama ada ia melindungi ke tak semasa guna. Hahaha. Cuma sebab berhijab kan, jadi berbelang muka tu tak dapat dielakkan. So, bila dah gelap, adakah sebab sunblock tak berfungsi?


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