Breena Beauty’s Wanderlust Palette- Review & Swatches

Breena Beauty is one of a well-known Malaysian beauty brands that are loved by Malaysians, especially their liquid matte lipsticks called Velvetcremes and also their blending sponges known as  the blending pearls. When they finally launched their first ever palette called the Wanderlust palette together with their six new shades of Velvetcreme, everybody went crazy including me. I knew I had to get their palette. This palette is made of fifteen warm neutral shades and claims suitable for everyday use or for any occasions and it retails at RM99.00.

breena beauty wanderlust palette malaysian makeup brand 1


Below is the product description from their website.

Breena Beauty Eyeshadow Palette features 15 highly pigmented stunning shades of warm neutrals eyeshadows that is perfect for any occasions, be it for day or night! We carefully select wearable and versatile colours that are suitable for different skin tones. Made with special attention, care and lotsa love, we promise you’ll get that fabulous natural look you’ve always wanted!

The shade details of every single eyeshadow in the palette is as below:

  • Memory (cream matte)
  • Enchanted (light pinky beige shimmer)
  • Tea Cup (matte medium pink)
  • Gleam (champagne shimmer)
  • Sun Tan (warm brown matte)
  • Treasure (shimmery bronze gold)
  • Antique (light warm copper)
  • Rusty (terracotta brown matte)
  • Festival (shimmery burnt sienna)
  • Diary (shimmery burgundy)
  • Sand (khaki brown matte)
  • Fudge (deep brown matte)
  • Midnight (deep brown with gold-flecked)
  • Jet Leg (dark brown shimmer)
  • Date (gold-flecked red brown)
  • Also Included in the palette is a full-sized mirror

breena beauty wanderlust palette malaysian makeup brand swatches 3breena beauty wanderlust palette malaysian makeup brand swatches 5breena beauty wanderlust palette malaysian makeup brand swatches 4breena beauty wanderlust palette malaysian makeup brand swatchesbreena beauty wanderlust palette malaysian makeup brand swatches 2

Packaging: I liked the packaging as It was neat and minimalistic. The size is fair and it can be easily stored and carried. The material of the packaging is cardboard. Many beauty brands have adopted this sorta cardboard packaging which is a need trend now I guess. It has a full- sized mirror which is absolutely convenient.

Impression: So, this palette is made of warm neutral shades. The names of shades are travel themed as the palette itself is named ‘Wanderlust’. Creative! When I first got this palette, I swatched it at my fingertips. The colours were pigmented and with just even with one stroke using my fingertips, the shades sticked so well on my fingertips. However, when I used my eye brushes and applied it on my eye lids, it wasn’t immediately pigmented but is definitely buildable which makes it a perfect palette for beginners who have just started exploring eyeshadows. It doesn’t leave a patch of pigment on your eyelids when you first apply it with your brush but if you build it slowly several times, it gets pigmented eventually. The shades are absolutely suitable for your everyday look as they are too wild and too grand thus, thus suitable for nude makeup look or ‘no makeup’ makeup look. Its also an ideal palette to learn putting on eyeshadows and to practice your eyeshadow looks.  The texture of both the mattes and shimmers are soft, smooth and not clumpy. There weren’t any fallouts.  I love the fact that the shades compliment each other and you can make a lot of looks using this palette. My favourite shades are Fudge (deep brown) and Sand (khaki brown) because these shades are quite rare and I haven’t not seen much shades similar to this in other palette from other brands.  I experimented by applying these shadows with and without eyeshadow primer and I was impressed with the fact that both application was easily blendable, pigmented, lasted longer and there was no crease.

breena beauty wanderlust palette malaysian makeup brnd swatches and review

Swatches of all the shades from Breena Beauty’s Wanderlust palette

What I don’t like about this product: To be honest I didn’t see anything I dislike.

VERDICT: I guess y’all know my verdict already. I’m definitely buying these palette again. The shades are so suitable for everyday look as well as glam look. Buildable and definitely a holy grail for those who love neutral and soft eye makeup.


16 thoughts on “Breena Beauty’s Wanderlust Palette- Review & Swatches

  1. adianiez AIDA says:

    aida ni x pandai make up.
    x minat sgt, sebab xde byk keperluan utk make up 🙂
    but, suka tgk brg make up. especially gini.
    minimalis. nice. elegan. pernah dulu kala beli, tapi x pakai pun hi hi hi hi…
    warna pun menarik. sgt matching.


  2. Emilinda says:

    Omg, i think i already fell in love with this palette. The colors just woww. Actually i was thinking to purchase LMK palette, But after i read ur review on this palette, now i’m dilemma. LMK or Breena? Hmmm


  3. Zharif Azis says:

    wow, all the colors look beautiful. suits with any type of events. it is matte too. definitely going to suggest this palette to my friends. she is going love this and going crazy. what a make up junkie she is.


  4. Dikbee says:

    wah, nice la colour untuk Breena Beauty’s Wanderlust palette ni. Suka colour2 nude ni. Tak terlalu over kalau pakai. Boleh beli ni. Lagipun i dengar mereka dah ada booth kat MyTown. Boleh la singgah nanti.


  5. MURNI NURUL AIN says:

    Woow!! Color look so marvellous walawei!! Make me wanna shopping now.. dress up for a party because of that fantastic color.. love it


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