Clinique’s Moisture Surge Hydrating Supercharged Concentrate- Review

Hello, ladies. I’m back this time yet with another review on skin care product. I was stressed out lately. I have had bad sleeping schedule. I was sleeping late and waking up early for past couple of months due to hectic schedule of my final year of med school. I was also lagging on my ‘drink 3 liters of water daily’ goal as I was super busy and I was constantly forgetting to drink water. I was also skipping my skin care routine because I was just so busy that I was waking up way too early, trying to get ready fast in the morning made me skip my skin care routine just to get a few minutes of extra sleep. At night, I’d work on my assignment till late night and eventually get super tired and hit my bed the moment I’m done for the day and I obviously skip my night skin care routine. These habits were obviously taking a toll on my skin. My skin was getting pale, super dry, new wrinkles started showing up. I was freaking out. So, one day I hit the shopping mall. I was looking for a good moisturizer anything that would replenish or cure my skin, return it to back to its glory. LOL. I was walking around and went into the first skin care store I saw and It was Clinique.

I told the beauty consultant there what I was looking for and she recommended that I try this product. I was like okay! So, I tried it for a month and decided to write a review for you guys on the result!

clinique moisture surge moisturiser review 1

Below is the product information I got from Clinique Malaysia’s website:

Details: Supercharged water-gel hydrator instantly quenches dehydrated skin—and is so intensely hydrating, it boosts skin’s moisture reservoir for a full 24 hours. Liquid-Sphere™ Technology combines water-binding ingredients with encapsulated antioxidants to help break the cycle of dryness and environmental stress that can lead to premature aging.

Price: RM141

Skin Type: All

How To Use: Apply AM and PM on clean skin.

Packaging: The bottle is made of plastic. It’s a clear bottle revealing the content inside. The lid has a nozzle that lets the product out when you squeeze the lid on the other side. As you the use the product and the product inside the bottle gets lesser, the bottom part of the bottle goes up leaving a hollow place on the bottom. It’s easy to carry inside your handbag.

Product and Impressions: The product consistency is gel type with clear bubbles all over it. According to the beauty consultant, these bubbles are actually infused Vitamin C. I used it twice a day, day and night. I applied it in the morning before makeup and night before I go to sleep. It can be applied whenever you feel is necessary. You can apply it to your whole face or only at the areas that are dry and wrinkly I slowly massaged the product onto my face especially at the area where the new wrinkles had formed. Wrinkles can form on your skin when you are dehydrated and being dehydrate actually makes your skin age faster.  I loved it so so much, guys. Firstly, it absorbed fast into my skin and my skin felt so smooth and hydrated just after five minutes of application and the hydration lasted through out the day. It didn’t just disappear and dry off. It locked the moisture into my skin. My skin was so smooth, moisturized and looked more glowy and lively. I absolutely loved it and I would highly recommend this product if you have same skin issues as me. It’s suitable for both dry and oily skin as it doesn’t lave your skin all oily. Even after a few hours of application and after I’ve washed my face, my skin was still moisturized at the areas that I applied. It’s definitely has an effective moisture-locking ability which is amazing! Most importantly, my wrinkles were getting less prominent ever since I started using this product !!! So whenever I’m busy or I’m rushing (in times where I had to skin my skin care routine, I take this product with me!

clinique moisture surge moisturiser review 3

Before application.

clinique moisture surge moisturiser review 4

After application.

What I didn’t like about this product: Non! 😊

Verdict: It’s my holy grail skin care now! I highly recommend it and I’ll buy it again!


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