Why translucent setting powders comes in many shades?

Setting powders are so important in a makeup routine. It helps to set your makeup so that it lasts longer especially on oily skin. Setting powders are also applied on the T area where skin gets easily oily to set your makeup to last longer. If you don’t like to change the tone of your foundation by applying pressed powder that has its own shade, then you can apply setting powder (translucent) on your face after applying the foundation. Pressed powder can sometimes oxidize your foundation making it appear  darker or the pressed powder itself can become darker when applied on top of a of foundation, thus the invention of translucent setting powder solved this issue.

According to beauty experts, although setting powders are said to be translucent (colourless), that doesn’t mean it can suit all the skin tones. To know if the shade of the setting powder suits you, apply the setting powder on your face and take a photo of your face with flash.  If your face appears to have a whitish visible layer that looks chalky at the areas where you applied the setting powder in the photo, that means the shade of the setting powder doesn’t suit your skin tone. So that’s why translucent powders come in different shades, so that it can be  translucent with natural finish on your skin. But it ain’t a crime to apply white translucent powder if you have dark or deep dark skin tone because you can always adjust it by applying a tinted pressed powder.

Beauty expert also claims that translucent setting powders are translucent because it also allows us to touch up numerous times whenever needed throughout the day without leaving a thick layer of powder that will make your face cakey.

Thus, the mystery of translucent setting powders that comes with many shades is solved!


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